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Who cares? EMERGE Lakeland does. When it comes to community, our group cares about lending a helping hand to our neighbors through meaningful volunteer opportunities focused on improving the people and places in our hometown. They say that together is better, and it is! That’s what EMERGE embraces. By connecting with each other, we’re able to take action and show how much we care about our fellow Lakelanders.

EMERGE Serves: Opportunities to Serve

Our Volunteer committee has a few upcoming  events that give you the chance to make a difference in our community. These events include painting a home for a family in need at Paint Your Heart Out and serving a local nonprofit, One More Child, that supports children in need at the Compassion House. At EMERGE, we believe it is important to be connected to  a group that cares about its community and leads with a serving heart.

Serving in itself teaches us three things: Teamwork, how to be a neighbor, and how to have the right attitude

Why Community Service Matters

When we come together to work as a team, we learn and respect the diverse views and experience  of other volunteers. In a way, it’s an opportunity to be humble and listen to other individuals who have different insights on how to complete a project. It is also a lesson in empowerment--teaching us when to speak up with our own advice on how to get the job done. It’s teamwork!

At our upcoming event, Paint Your Heart Out, we are volunteering to put a family’s need above our own. We live in a fast-paced world. Between making it on time for work, completing deadline-driven projects, working out and eating right, or taking time for family and friends,  sometimes we need a reminder of the importance of recognizing the community needs around us. EMERGE strives to build a culture that shows, as a team, we support our community and are serious about being compassionate neighbors.

Building the Right Culture

Building the right culture is all about having the right attitude and knowing your community. To keep it simple, we say that the right attitude is happily sacrificing your time and resources, and getting to KNOW someone. What better way to build relationships than to show you CARE about your community? Getting to know those you serve or serve alongside is one of the best ways to jump in and start building a community. It’s safe to say we are in this together and that because we have the right attitude, we have FUN!

If you are not already part of a group that is making an impact in our community, then EMERGE is a great way to start and we would love to have you! We are proud of the impact we make and will continue to build a community that grows through serving because EMERGE CARES.

Find out how to join EMERGE by going to the following link!

Written by Danielle Harris

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