New Member Spotlight: Amber Howell

05/04/2017 7:22 PM | Jessica Lawson

Each month EMERGE Lakeland spotlights one of its new members. This month we are getting to know Amber Howell. Read below to find out some possible topics of conversation when you meet this self-proclaimed social butterfly at an upcoming event.

Are you originally from this area? If not, where from?

I was born in Jackson, Mississippi but at a very young age my parents relocated to Tampa where I grew up. Once I was old enough I moved to Lakeland.

 What do you do?
I work for GTE which is a local Credit Union. I am a Member Experience Officer and in my position I advocate for any current or potential members who have questions or need assistance opening accounts, applying for loans and assist in simple account maintenance. I also work closely with our members and community partners to build and maintain relationships.

What do you like most about your job/profession?
GTE considers community involvement huge and fully supports me regarding engagement with in the Polk County and surrounding areas. This is my what I admire most about my role. I meet so many people from different walks of life and most important of all I am able to say I have made a difference with these individuals.

What are some of your hobbies?
My hobbies are anything having to do with being outside! I participate in a lot of neighborhood clean-ups where I get to enjoy that wonderful Florida weather. I am a total foodie, so trying out new restaurants make me complete.

What’s your involvement in the  community?
My involvement within the community include youth build events as well as holding financial literacy classes for all generations. I also get the privilege to focus on Community Partnerships. 

If someone sees you at an EMERGE event, what are some topics they should ask you about to get the conversation going?
If you were to see me at an EMERGE event you can bring any topic to me as I am an open book and willing to talk about anything under the sun. (I am a talker/chatty Cathy/social butterfly, etc.). I have great knowledge of banking as I have been in the business for ages so that is always a great convo starter too.

What do you like most about Lakeland?
What do I not love about Lakeland??!!! The people here are some of the most amazing and friendly people ever! Downtown has the greatest views and shoppes and there are so many things to take part in as the community works so nicely to come together. LOVE IT!!!!

Why did you join EMERGE Lakeland?
I joined emerge like most others to meet new people and network with other Lakelanders. There is nothing like meeting like-minded people with goals in mind.

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